Michael John Cummins


Entertainment & Film Experience: 1987-1997

Computer Graphics:

"Nash Bridges", "Flubber" 24 Frame Play-Back
Developed entertainment website buisness COMET COMICS
"Casper the Ghost" Industrial Light and Magic Alias creature model training.
Self trained in Soft Image, Alias, Autocad, Lightwave, HTML, Unix, Photoshop, Director, and many other programs and platforms.

Model/Creature Maker:


"James and the Giant Peach" puppet moldmaking, scenic,


"Congo" City of Zinge,
"Star Trek Generations" Varidian landscape,
"Fire in the Sky" alien puppets,
"Death Becomes Her"model Gothic mansion and landscape,
"Hook" model Never Never Tree, clouds, replacement action birds, baseball,
"Star Trek VI" model Enterprise,
"Rocketeer" model Luxenbourg zeppelin, rotocopter,
"Backdraft" pyro buildings,
"Die Hard II" model airport runway,
"Always" 1/5 scale model A-27b Invader air plane,
"Indiana Jones III" creature birds,
"Ghostbuster II" creature mold work,
"Willow" 7x scale sets and props, 1/5 scale redwood forest,

Computer Graphics

"Casper the Ghost" Alias creature model training.
Self trained in HTNL, Unix, Photo Shop, AutoCAD, DPaint, Soft Image, Alias and Video Toaster/Lightwave.


Model/Creature Maker

Intel, Malaysia Airlines, American Airlines, Old Spice, General Electric, AT&T, Poochinskie.

ARCHIVAL Model Maker

Restoration of "Star Wars" models for Japan and US museums tour.


"The Abyss" 1/4 scale radio controlled Flatbed and Cab submarines. Worked two month location under water sets in South Carolina, Developed underwater break-aways.

SCREEN CREDIT: "James and the Giant Peach", Star Trek Generations", "Death Becomes Her" "Hook", and "The Abyss"

International Association of Theater and Stage Employees Union Local #16.
Member since 1990. Worked film, opra, theater, television, and special events in many different capasities.

Fine Arts Professional Experience: 1973-1986

Worked in major museums, galleries, and fine art transportation in San Francisco, New York, Houston, Austin

Levi Strauss Corporation; Preparator

Ollendorff Fine Arts; Chief Preparator

Atthowe Transportation; Preparator

John Alexander and Rosie Shuster; Gofer
(John was a SOHO artist and Rosie was a writer for Saturday Night Live)

Whitney Museum of American Art, Preparator

Texas Gallery, Director of the Gallery Annex (Owned by Fredica Hunter,
showed artist from James Corcran gallery, Blum Helman Gallery, and others)

Houston Contemporary Arts Museum, Preparator, Public Relations (worked with Jim Harithas and Linda Cathcart as Directors and Paul Schmiel as Curator)

Dominique de Minel, Preparator

Meridth Long Galleries, Preparator

Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Preparator


1976 Bachelor of Fine Arts University of Texas Austin. Minor in Art history.


One Man Exhibits

1989 Robert Mondavi Winery
Oakville, California
1984 M.E.C.C.A Marin Experimental Center for Contemporary Arts
Marshall, California
1977 3221 Milam
Houston, Texas

Group Shows

1995 "Hours and Hours" Industrial Light and Magic employees exhibition.
Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael, California
1985 "Introductions"
John Berggruen Gallery
San Francisco, California
1980 Sixth Avenue Show
New York, New York
(predecessor to the Forty Second St. show)
1979 "The Bag Show"
Trinity Gallery
Houston, Texas
1979 Laundale Annex
Houston, Texas
1977 Port Arthur Tri-State Biannual
Port Arthur, Texas
1976 University of Texas Under Graduate Exhibit
Austin, Texas

1984-1988 CUMMINS Vs. BUDGET
A civil suit that changed the way car rental contracts are written and the way Collision Damage Wavers are sold.


On request.


* Photo By Robert Maplethorpe 1979