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The purpose of COMET COMICS is to be an entertainment web site that is dedicated to telling of good stories and ideas with the best quality art and writing. The comic book format started out as what today might be called Pulp Fiction and from it's inception it has been the foundation of many cultural changes. The Wild West pulp stories were one of the main forces in calling people after the Civil War to go west. They expounded the new frontier and the adventure filled life that was waiting for them in the West. In this century the news paper comic strip and the evolvement of the comic book format as we know it today, has been the proving ground for many creative ideas and characters as well as important and entertaining reflection on the political, sociological and physiological world that we live in. In the electronic pages of COMET COMICS The goal is also to continue this process and bring the best in ideas and art as quality entertainment.

Thank you.

Michael J.Cummins