Michael John Cummins

Fine Art Painting


One Man Exhibits

1989 Robert Mondavi Winery, Oakville, California

1984 M.E.C.C.A Marin Experimental Center for Contemporary Arts

Marshall, California

1977 3221 Milam, Houston, Texas

Group Shows

2002 Local 16 members exhibit, SOMA, San Francisco, California

1995 "Hours and Hours" Industrial Light and Magic employees exhibition. Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael, California

1985 "Introductions" John Berggruen Gallery

San Francisco, California

1980 Sixth Avenue Show, New York, New York

(predecessor to the Forty Second St. show)

1979 "The Bag Show" Trinity Gallery Houston, Texas

1979 Laundale Annex, Houston, Texas

1977 Port Arthur Tri-State Biannual, Port Arthur, Texas

1976 University of Texas Under Graduate Exhibit, Austin, Texas


1976 Bachelor of Fine Arts University of Texas Austin. Minor in Art history and Arts administration.


2002 “Paintingman” This series is made of 22”X30” panels that can be arranged in any number and combination to suit the site of installation.



paintingman 010.JPG


paintingman 006.JPG


1985-1995 This series took too long to finish eight paintings and I took it too seriously.






1983-1985 “Gray” This series is now all rolled up. One sold at Berggruen Gallery but burnt up in the Oakland fire.






1981 “Gray Surveyor” This series was painted the year after living in New York City.






1979 “China Rider” This series was the last paintings that I did in Houston while I was director of Texas Gallery Annex.


China Rider1.jpg