Old Friends

This 2002 video was shot when I returned for a visit to Houston Texas where I was in the Art world there in the late 1970s and documents some of the people who are still there. It is shot mostly outside the Art Car Museum decorated by David Best with Director Founder Jim Harithas. Suzie Paul has since died of breast cancer.

Tahiti Millennium

This video is my Millennium 2000-2001 vacation to Tahiti. It is an excellent 30 min. Video I Pod vacation that is guaranteed to mellow you out.

Experiment at Petaluma

This 1989 video was mostly done by my friends Britt Welin and Ken Adams staring Terrance McKenna and I did the camera work and feedback. It was done on an Amiga 2000 with a Live board and gunlock and recorded with a Sony Hi-8 system.

R. Crumb version of a Philip K. Dick autobiographical story


This is a test annamatic of the concept of video comics done in the early 1990s. It is incomplete.


Dog Show

This is just a fun video of Chinese Shar-Pie dogs.